This past Tuesday at Ed’s (No Name) Bar, the inaugural meeting of the fledgling homebrew club was held. Around 8 people showed up, which was about 7 more than I anticipated! I met some cool people, and I brought samples of Gummy Wheat and Centennial Blonde to share. Some people were brewers, some were looking to get into it, but we were all there for the love of beer….which was cool!

Since it was more of an informal, informational session to ‘feel’ out how the club would function, I didn’t expect much to come out of it. Imagine my surprise (and excitement) when we all quickly came to the conclusion that next month’s meeting should consist of a group brew in the back patio!

Regarding the upcoming brew, here’s the loose plan for the next few meetings:

September- 10 gallon group brew. I’ll come up with an all-grain IPA recipe (unanimously, IPA was chosen as the style), scale it accordingly, and gather the ingredients. I’ll probably go with what I have on hand. The thought is to brew and BBQ in the back patio, starting around 5. I’ll bring the stuff to brew, and will probably ferment the two carboys’ worth in my basement so I can keep an eye on them and transfer them to secondary as needed. Should be around a three week fermentation. This will be fun; people who aren’t too familiar with the process will see if from start to finish, and I’ll have extra hands!

October- Fermentation should be complete, so it’s bottling time! I’ll get with Ed to see if he can save a few cases worth of empties, and when the time comes, we’ll bottle it up. I may be able to force carb some in a 2-liter so we can have a taste.

November- Time to enjoy the creation! The hope is to not only have a great brew to enjoy together, but to be able to send everyone home with some to enjoy as they please.

Ed and I are excited about this, and I’d like to again thank him for opening up his place for us to use for the club. Hopefully by the end of the next session, we can start to organize a bit and do some proper club stuff, but the idea of doing a big brew off the bat was too cool to pass up! I’ll post the recipe when I finish it…..I just got a fresh shipment of some pretty punchy hops, so it should be a good one! :)