In honor of our 8 year wedding anniversary (and an extra day off due to Memorial Day), I thought it fit to brew an Anniversary IPA. The recipe can be found over on the right. I wanted a straight up, no excuses tongue bruiser of an IPA with some malt behind it. I think I definitely have that coming to me. I was a few points low on my gravity (it ended up at 1.070), but I am not concerned. I was able to get some decent extra runnings, about two gallons worth. Instead of letting it go to waste, I decided to put it on the stove and make a second batch of small beer. I used some German Hallertau hops and Nottingham yeast to make a simple mellow pale. The SG on that was 1.038, and I should get a gallon and a half of beer out of it. Whether it’s palatable or not remains to be seen! :D

Here’s the finished wort, along with it’s smaller sibling. All that stuff settled nicely after a couple of hours, and it was rapidly bubbling away this morning with a healthy krausen.

The race to the top between the Cascades and the Centennials was easily won by the Cascades. However, the Centennials are inching their way to the top of the birdhouse. Should be a nice yield this year. I am excited for a harvest ale. I also planted three more Columbus rhizomes I found in the crisper (oops).

Provided that Baby Beatrice doesn’t show up early, I’ll be leading up a homebrew demonstration at the Bluff Country Co-Op on June 12. I’ll be doing one of their extract pale ale kits. I have one finished in the basement, and I will clear and keg it this week and get it ready for sampling. Should be fun. Stop out if you can!