Thought this would be a nice way to start off the homebrew part of the blog.
When I started kegging, it was obvious that I needed a nice-looking, effective way to serve my brew. Otherwise, why not just stick to bottling? My first kegerator was a $50 used Kenmore fridge I bought off Craigslist locally. It had a single tap going through the door, and could only fit one keg. One that fridge started having issues with keeping a stable temp, I shopped around for something new. I found this Danby brand new for $150 (with my wife’s blessing, of course!), and the tower kit I purchased with funds I received from selling some guitar pedals on Ebay. I had to RMA the first tower, since one of the faucet couplers was really bent up, but sent me a new one quickly. I then had to snip off the beer line connectors, which were made for commercial beer kegs, and replace them with connectors that screw into homebrew pin-lock disconnects. Once I had everything on hand, it was time to get to work!.

The first thing I did was remove the inside shelving on the door. This allowed me to get both kegs in the fridge with the c02 tank. Then I figured out that the cooling lines ran through the front of the fridge, so I marked the spot where I would drill with a 3″ hole saw. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked with the help of my Dremel. Once the hole was finished, I used aluminum ducting tape to seal it up and smooth it out.

I then had to drill the four holes for the mounting screws, and then it was time to run the beer lines through and re-attach the lamp/thermostat. Then I ran a couple gallons of sanitizer through each line just to be sure. Once everything was cleaned up and tightened down, I put the c02 tank on the back ledge, hooked up gas and beer lines, and fit everything in nice and snug.

A $20 drip tray, some glasses and it’s ready to go!

The whole project took about two hours from start to cleanup. Not bad!
The fridge stays a constant 42 degrees unless I tell it to, and the forward sealing faucets eliminate the problem of sticky taps, since I don’t pull pints from it every day. I’m very happy with it.