I don’t get out very much, and when I do I usually only go to Ed’s No Name Bar on Third and Franklin. Not only is Ed an old friend from way back (as well as a great guy), but the beer and music selections are wonderful. It’s my kind of place, basically. There’s always something great on tap that I’ve been meaning to try.

Last night I biked down with a couple bottles of homebrew (my Amarillo/Simcoe IPA and Centennial Blonde) for Ed to try, with the hopes of getting some tap handles for the kegerator (:D) and some honest feedback. There were only a couple of others in the place, so we all tasted both beers and the reception was positive. I’m always nervous when I hand out samples, especially since I’ve only been doing this for a short time.

Anyway, Ed offered to host a “homebrew night” every month starting next month. If all goes well, it’ll be the third Tuesday of the month (two weeks after his first Tuesday beer club tasting). I am excited! I’m eager to find out who else brews in town. He’s going to get the word out and probably put a blurb on his Facebook page for the bar. More details will follow. :)

Thanks, Ed!