I LOVE Founders Red’s Rye PA. It’s a strong, hoppy, spicy ale that has tons of flavor and aroma from a combination of a complex grain bill and a ton of Amarillo hops. Last year, I found a clone recipe and made it. It turned out great (after about 4 months of aging in the keg), but at 7%, it was pretty deceptively easy to put away, and put me down for the night pretty early.
With summer coming, and a bunch of rye to use, I thought of scaling the recipe down to about a 5-5.5% ‘session’ rye pale ale. The initial recipe (on the right) used Cascade and Amarillo, and came out at around 85 IBUs. This new recipe (also over there on the right) uses all Amarill0 hops, and the grain bill is scaled back and changed a bit.
No photos of the brew session, though I will say it went smoothly. It was only a five gallon batch, since I still haven’t put the keggle back together yet. I was planning on using a smack pack of Denny’s Favorite yeast, but the pack wasn’t inflating as much as I’d liked, so earlier in the day I rehydrated two packs of US-05 instead. When I went to bed last night it was bubbling almost non-stop, and had a nice krausen on top of it. I plan on dry hopping this in the keg with another ounce or two of Amarillo.

The ten gallon batch of Cascadian Dark Ale I brewed last weekend is done. I plan on kegging half of it (with an ounce or two of Cascade in the keg), and dry-hopping, then bottling the other half. Final gravity was around 1.018, and it had a nice hoppy bite to it, with just a hint of the dark malt roast flavor. It’s a different flavor that I’ve really come to enjoy.